Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that I would have consistent work through the winter.

  • Please pray for my sister who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is scheduled for surgery.  Our family is praying for healing and restoration of her spirit as well as her body.

  • Pray for Val Greene’s brother Doug who is elderly and having intestinal issues and may need emergency care.

  • Please pray for me with work and at home and I need hope going forward with life.

  • Please pray that my uncle would heal from the cellulitis in his arm. He is on the second round of antibiotics and is finally able to feel his fingers, but there is so much more recovery needed.  Thank you.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Chris and Faith Anderson who sent the following updates and requests:

    • This weekend something happened with the pastor from the church directly related with us. It involved the youth and happened while we were not there.  We are very hurt and angry to be honest. There is a lot of spiritual warfare going on and heaviness here since we have began to prepare for the Christmas outreach. We would really like to pray for two things here. First one is against the enemy. We need people fighting for us right now, and for salvation to come to the children and families in the village of Doi Mai. 

    • The second thing is for our hearts as we prepare to meet with the pastor Monday evening our time. May God only give us the words He would have us say, that He would give grace and truth in our hearts for this man, that we would behave how He would behave in this situation and not go with hurt and angry hearts. Another elder from the church will meet with us as a mediator as well as be able to translate if anything is misunderstood in language somewhere. Pray for Chris as he really has a heaviness with this. We have come to love the church and the people in the church but we want to be open to the plans God has for us. We love the youth and so there is also fear in our hearts as to how this could turn out. Please and thank you for fighting for us on your knees and with us in this situation