Special Needs Ministry

At Calvary Boise, we desire to create an inclusive and loving culture for those special needs as well as the families and individuals who love and care for them. We seek to serve children and adults with disabilities by building relationships and providing accommodations. Our goal is to reach these individuals within our church family and community.  We recognize the unique and challenging journey each family is on and desire to walk alongside the families and caregivers through their suffering.  We see their significant value and contribution to our church family and their examples of faithfulness.

This ministry provides a classroom designed specifically for children, youth, and adults with special needs during our 11:15AM service on Sunday mornings. We pair each child/individual with an aide (or buddy) who can help them integrate into:

  • A children’s ministry class with their typical peers appropriate to their needs OR
  • The special needs classroom (whichever the child/individual and families prefer) OR
  • A serving position for adults with disabilities (greeting, making coffee, etc.)

We aim to tailor Bible lessons, worship, and extracurricular time to each child/individual’s needs and learning abilities. It is our goal to provide a safe and structured environment where children/individuals will experience the tangible love of Jesus, hear God’s Word, and have fun!

We pray that all those we serve would find their worth and purpose in Jesus.  It is our privilege to be a part of their team of encouragers as we facilitate exploration of their unique gifts and talents for His Kingdom. We seek to serve the family as a whole on an individual needs basis and through outreach opportunities (such as respite nights, youth dinners, and building relationships).

Thank you for being faithful to God and for the powerful love and faithfulness you give to your loved one with disabilities. You are seen and valued!

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DONATE: If you would like to donate to help support this vital ministry and our special needs families, visit our donate page, and type "special needs" in the notes.