Send Hope India

In 1989, we began bringing hope to some of the world's poorest people—slum dwellers in Bangalore, India. Unwelcome in many churches, they were ministered to by our first native pastor who received $25 a month from a small church in Idaho, USA. Then, when an infant was abandoned at his doorstep, the need for an orphanage became apparent. Now, more than a dozen Homes of Hope, throughout India, meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of more than 800 children—many of them severely impacted by HIV/AIDS. Tutoring centers, designed to help break the cycle of illiteracy, also assist thousands of other impoverished kids.

As a result, a generation of boys and girls have been nurtured, nourished and educated. Many of our children have grown up to be missionaries planting churches in India's most remote regions. Others serve in orphanages and medical centers. Currently more than 250 indigenous workers offer hope, love, nutrition, and care to children who would otherwise navigate a dangerous world alone. Send Hope Now also provides consistent aid to Indian communities affected by Hansen's disease (leprosy) and HIV/AIDS.

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