Oaxaca City, Oaxaca is a metropolis of over 700,000 people located 300 miles south of Mexico City. It is surrounded by the most ethnically diverse area in Mexico - at least a third of the people speak indigenous languages and live in isolated communities.

Calvary Chapel Boise began partnering with Capilla Calvario Oaxaca La Puerta Abierta almost a decade ago through a beautiful and unique connection.

The Hernandez family have been faithfully serving their city and reaching the indigenous peoples through mission work for nearly 40 years. They recently transitioned the leadership of Calvary Oaxaca to their son Misael as Antonio and Carmen focus more attention on their missions.

Calvary Oaxaca has planted 5 missions in remote areas:
Lachicocana, Santiago Xiacui, San Juan Ihualtepec, San Andres Tlahuilotepec, Chalcatongo

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AlvarezTepic is a city of 350,000, located 140 miles northwest of Guadalajara. Almost 95% of its people are Roman Catholics and very resistant to the Gospel of Jesus.

The Alvarezes labor diligently to plant seeds of the Spirit in the hard ground of Tepic. They are sharing the gospel, and pastoring a church that is growing in grace and love.

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A mere 3% of Mexicans consider themselves Protestant Christians. Furthermore, the Catholicism most people embrace is mingled with indigenous rituals and superstitions. Calvary Boise desires to see the true Gospel of God preached and believed in México. So, in 2012 after many years of short-term mission trips, God opened the doors for Calvary to pursue more focused long-term outreaches. Now, our missionaries minister to three Mexican communities: the Hernandez family are in Oaxaca, Saul and Angela Alvarez are in Tepic, and Rachel (Barber) Garduño serves with her husband Pato in Semilla de mostaza Santa Monica. Please pray for much fruit and also for God's perfect provision for the work.

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