Kids & Students Ministries

KIDS MINISTRY involves more than 100 dedicated and thoroughly vetted teachers and assistants who help kids of all ages develop a personal foundation of faith in Christ.

CALVARY MIDDLE SCHOOL establishes a fun-filled, safe, welcoming environment where middle school students discover more about themselves and the God who loves them.

CALVARY HIGH SCHOOL builds the faith of high school students as they learn more about Jesus and His purposes for them through Bible studies, outreaches, and activities.

COLLEGE GROUP equips young people to connect with one another and to the larger church body.

SPECIAL NEEDS MINISTRY provides a safe and structured environment where children/individuals will experience the tangible love of Jesus, hear God’s Word, and have fun!

CALVARY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL prepares students from pre-school through sixth grade to live victorious Christian lives, excel academically, and become lifelong learners.