Underground Church


Most do not know the crucial role that Calvary Boise has played in the house church movement in Iran. In 2001, Calvary Boise sent a missionary into Iran. By 2002 the Iranian government’s persecution and shutting down of existing building churches resulted in believers going “underground” and meeting secretly in houses. The church family at Calvary Boise was part of the early house churches that were formed in 2002. By 2005, the house church network that was supported through Calvary Boise became one of the largest house church networks in Iran! 

Over the years many of our brothers and sisters in Iran have been arrested and imprisoned for their faith. Some have fled to the nearby country of Turkey to only find themselves unable to work as refugees. In addition to the financial hardship, the persecuted believers in Turkey are facing immense persecution and the danger of deportation as Turkey is becoming more hostile toward Christians. These brothers and sisters in Turkey need our prayer and support until we are able to get them to a country of safety.

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Through our connection with the Underground Persecuted Church in the Middle East, the Lord has opened a door of opportunity to serve some refugees who have fled persecution there. These refugee families have lost everything because they carry the name of Jesus in the Middle East. They are currently in Turkey, where Christians are heavily persecuted, especially those who have converted from Islam to Christianity. Their lives are in danger. Click here to view the most recent update.

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• Pray for safety for our brothers and sisters.
• Help raise stateside awareness and provide financial support.
Click here to let us know if you would like to donate housing, storage, or household items.

Please consider supporting and coming alongside our brothers and sisters in the Middle East as  we work to get those in Turkey to a country of safety and as we work to provide teaching and training to the believers in the Middle East as they continue to share the Gospel and form underground house churches in the face of much adversity.


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