Calvary Communities

Calvary Communities will be meeting in homes throughout our valley starting in September. A typical Calvary Community gathering could include a meal or casual time of snacks and getting to know others, discussion of a Bible passage, prayer for one another, or a time to reach out to friends and neighbors. Think of these groups more as a community of people rather than just a Bible study. At Calvary Boise we seek to know Jesus and make Him known by living life together as communities. These communities are for singles, families, young and old, from all backgrounds. These are our version of “home groups,” “house church,” or “life groups,” based out of the vision of church we see in Acts 2:42-49. We'd love for everyone who calls Calvary Boise their church home to be a part of a Calvary Community where they can be cared for and live out the 59 "one anothers" of the New Testament that make up much of the Christian life.

We encourage you to find a Calvary Community that is near you geographically and connect with the leader or host by filling out the online form. They will give you directions to their house (or a link to connect with their online community) and answer any other questions you may have concerning Calvary Communities.

If you weren't able to attend the Kickoff and would like to get connected with a group, click here to receive more info.

We always have opportunities for more people to be invovled as leaders and hosts of our Calvary Communities. If you are interested in serving in this way, please fill out the application online, or contact Pastor Kirk if you have questions.

Classes at Calvary are designed to give specialized equipping to believers in a way that helps them to grow in the "head, heart, and hands" of being a disciple of Jesus. These classes include instruction in the Bible, mentorship for personal growth, and practical application in all of life as you are equipped to live out the way of Jesus in the area of instruction. Whether it’s a class on finance, parenting, discipleship, counseling, theology, culture, or a deep dive into a Bible book, these classes are where we want to build you up to send you out to live for God’s glory. Click here for more info and to sign up.

For more information about Calvary Communities, contact Pastor Kirk Crager.