Care Groups

In the Christian walk, there are significant experiences in life where we need specific soul care, on top of the love, equipping, and care we receive in Calvary Communities. For that reason, Care Groups are formed around specific or seasonal needs. We offer these groups to help us to grow in our discipleship or journey through difficult or challenging seasons of life. As a church, we want each person in our church family to know how to get extra care when they need it. Below is a listing of Care Groups you can participate in.

Additionally, we believe that we are generally cared for by living life together in our Calvary Communities, and recommend everyone takes part in one of these communities as their first line of care in the body.

If you need additional help getting connected to one of our Care Groups, or want to let us know of an area of need that you have, please contact us via email.


Care Groups for Parents of LGBTQ Kids
A parent care ministry to come alongside parents with children who struggle with gender or sexuality. Click here for more info.

423 Communities
Helping men find freedom from the addictive cycle of lust and sexual sin. Click here for more info.

Click here to sign up for any of the groups listed below.

Divorce Care Group
Divorce Care is an incredible program to help people like you process your pain, pursue healing, and plan out your future. Click here more mor info and to register.

STEPS Recovery & Discipleship Group
Steps is a gospel-centered recovery resource that takes people to the root of sin and suffering and leads them to embrace the freedom found only in Christ's redemption.

Homschool Moms Group
Forming a group of independent homeschoolers for the purpose of assisting and encouraging each other through prayer and fellowship. Meets the fourth Monday of the month. Click here for more info.

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Prayer Group
An opportunity for women who have experienced infertility, pregnancy loss, or loss of an infant to come together to pray for, support, minister to, and encourage one another while dealing with this type of loss. Click here for more info.

Single Moms Group
If you are a single mom, join us as we share a meal, connect with each other, spend time in the Word, and encourage one another. Click here for more info.


Untying the Knots of the Heart
A small-group process that helps people address and redeem their emotions, pain, and relationships through the Gospel.

A friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences.

Pain to Purpose
If you have recently, or in the past, been through a time of trauma, tragedy, or transition, this course is for you. Join us as we learn and grow to take the pain we have experienced and see God’s purpose unfold.

Men of Peace
This group will educate and guide men who are ready to take ownership of their abusive behaviors and surrender themselves fully to the Lord in true and lasting repentance.