Care Groups

Care groups are formed around specific or seasonal needs. We understand that there are times when we need special care to help us to grow in our discipleship or journey through difficult or challenging aspects of life. As a church, we want each person who calls Calvary Boise their church family to know how to get extra care when they need it. Below is a listing of current care groups with links to how you can get in touch or participate in each group.

Additionally, we believe that we are generally cared for by living life together in our Calvary Communities, and recommend everyone takes part in one of these communities as their first line of care in the body.

If you need additional help getting connected to one of our care groups, or want to let us know of an area of need that you have, please contact us via email.

Current Groups:
Care Groups for Parents of LGBTQ Kids
423 communities – overcoming sexual addiction & pornography

Starting in January:
Griefshare group
Divorce Recovery group
STEPS Recovery & Discipleship Group
Untying the Knots of the Heart