Philosophia International - Berlin, Germany


Peddicords2017Clark and Ann Peddicord have spent their lives helping reach Europe for Christ. Today they lead the "Haus Nazareth" in Berlin. Their ministry, "Philosophia International," confronts the secular culture, religious claims, and worldviews of our time, in a new form of missionary fellowship. Dynamic Christianity, embedded in a vital community of committed believers, offers a way for urban, educated, post-modern men and women to take a new look at faith in Jesus. The Peddicords sense that God has called Calvary Boise and "Philosophia" together "for such a time as this." View the most recent video update.

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Europe today resembles Athens in Paul’s time. It’s a decisive arena where battles are waged for the minds and hearts of the world. Berlin, with its 3.5 million people, serves as a global intersection for the creative arts. Media-makers, musicians, and culture-shapers have a central place in the city scene and profoundly impact the globe. As the great missionary statesman, Oswald J. Smith, put it: "To neglect Europe is to neglect the world." Idaho native Dr. Clark Peddicord and his wife Ann bring truth to people who pride themselves on having evolved beyond a need for faith. Ask God to help them effectively minister to the students, educators and other knowledge seekers the Lord brings their way.

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