Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my son that is 39; he struggles with substance abuse. Pray that God would open his eyes to a new way of thinking, dying to his fleshly, desires, and emotions.

  • Continued prayer for Matthew that he can keep up on his homework, not being late and getting his grades back up

  • Prayer for Rod that the company he works for can make more product so he can sell sooner, for us to have wisdom on spending. Thank you so much.!!!

  • I'm starting new medication for my bipolar disorder pray for no side effects and I have success with medication and God to protect me from all harm and healing for health I praise Jesus for healing me and protection and strength and more happier days.

  • Please pray for a teen boy having struggles and needs the Lords help. Also please pray for my son who is a young adult who also needs the Lord in his life.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Canada, Marlon and Becca Brown who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • We are excited to spend time again with our little church family, please continue to lift our church in prayer. That people would continue to build strong relationships and minister to one another. Pray for those who struggle to come. Pray we would stay faithful to just be there for them.

    • Christmas service-  We are praying and planning a service together with two churches that we have done outreaches with. Pray as we prepare for if. For those coming, that they would come into feel His love, that we would truly use this as a time to be a light, but also we would glorify our King. We are even doing a children’s program and possibly for teens. So please cover this in prayer! 

    • Basketball-   So! We are back to volunteering at our kids’ schools. We are both coaching the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. It’s been such a fun way to get to be with these teens. We have probably mentioned this before, but we live in a lower income neighborhood and so a lot of these teens’ parents are not present because they have to usually work two jobs. We struggle with keeping these kids in class, and so it’s important to have an after-school activity.  Sports is such a great way to pour into them. Are desire is to build relationships and share His love with them.  Both our son and daughter play for the high school so we also get to spend time with them and their friends.  Pray for wisdom and compassion for these kids and that the He shows us how to reach this community. 

    • Prayer-  Pray for our city. We want to see a revive. We want to see church come together and reach this city.