Daily Prayer Requests

  • My prayer is that John K will have a change of heart for Mary. In Jesus name. Tug at his heart Lord.

  • Please pray for my daughter & her husband-both are believers but he is in therapy for depression & alcoholism. She is struggling and in counseling as well. He has left her twice before and hidden his drinking. Please pray for God’s will, safety and they’ll both get to church and accountability. Thank you, Jesus!

  • Please pray for my oldest granddaughter. She has been evicted with her son and is living in a tent in Cali. She relinquished her son to his father. Consequently, turned to drugs instead of Jesus. I know she is hurting and broken. Praying for deliverance healing and restoration that can only come from true repentance! Thank you so very much.

  • Thank you so much for your prayers at Thanksgiving, it was a beautiful day!!!

  • Please pray for Meg’s salvation and that the Lord would soften her heart.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • At church we are getting thing ready for our Christmas service. The kids will sing some Christmas carols for the service. They are having so much fun practicing the carols!


    • The weather is getting cold plus it has being raining. We will get more rain this coming weekend, which will affect our sales at the flea market.Keep praying for my dad. Last Friday, his best friend passed away. They were working together and suddenly his friend had a heart attack. My dad tried to help him out, but he couldn't do anything about it. My dad was taken to the hospital because his blood sugar went up because of the shock of seeing his best friend pass away.

    • Pray for Pedro and his family.

    • Pray for Wilson and Karen. They want to get married. Yesterday I talked to them.

    • Pray for Amparo and her family.

    • Pray for Lupe and her grandson.

    • Pray for Francis. She is in the process of sellng her house.

    • Keep praying for Fermín and his family.

    • Pray for Graciela and her husband Gerbacio.

    • Pray for the women’s bible study this coming Monday.

    • Keep praying for all the paperwork to get the Mexican birth certificates for my two older sons and for provision to pay the expenses (lawyer, birth certificate, and apostille from US plus more paperwork that we have to send to the civil registry in  México City). We have to deal with this because the Mexican embassy in Boise made a mistake when we got the Mexican citizenship for my sons back in 2012. They did not send the right paperwork to the civil registry in Mexico City.  So my kids do not have dual citizenship, they have double identity and that’s illegal. We have to fix this issue to avoid some issues with the Mexican law.