Daily Prayer Requests

  • Asking for prayer for our family. Our 16 year old daughter is having mental health issues and she has an eating disorder and on top of it we have found out she is pregnant.  Can you please pray for us?  I am a single mom and don’t know what to do.

  • Please pray for my son and his family. They are backslidden and not being discipled by Jesus.

  • Prayers for my grandma who are coming to an end. Please pray she knows Jesus.

  • Please pray for my friends who are struggling mentally. Pray that they know they are loved.

  • Pray for obedience and focus toward the Lord for myself.

  • Please pray Jacob & Tara O'Brien who are MAF missionaries and sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • Most of our team has now returned and we are slowly returning to our normal pace of life here. Our maintenance specialist is still gone on furlough and won’t be back until January. In the meantime, I am in charge of maintenance. We have major inspections coming up in October that I would greatly appreciate your prayers for!

    • I recently ferried one of our airplanes back to Congo from South Africa with a fresh paint job! We are very thankful for this much needed maintenance and are excited to see all the Lord will do with this airplane in its next 15 years of service. 

    • Tara’s mom came to visit us this past month! It was a huge blessing to see her and show her a bit of our lives here in Kinshasa. 

    • We recently helped perform a rapid assessment across the western side of the country that took 6 weeks and many flights to determine the prevalence of preventable blindness with Christian Blind Mission. They determined that nearly 10% of adults in the area over 50 are blind from treatable conditions. There is a huge need for eye care and CBM is ramping up to try and meet these needs. 

    • Pray for continued safety in our operations. 

    • Pray for our upcoming major inspections.  

    • Pray that we would look to Jesus for strength in everything we do.