May 3, 2017

“Who, when they had come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Spirit.” Acts 8:15.


As you know, we have been praying for Alyssa, our receptionist, and her unborn little girl Zimmerlee. Doctors suspected that Zimmerlee had a chromosome disorder but all tests came back negative and indicated normal chromosome development. Alyssa and her husband, Dan, are overjoyed. Please continue to pray for problems this little one is experiencing with delayed growth, as well as issues with both heart and brain. Pray for a complete healing and for Jesus, the Great Physician, to get all the glory.


• Please pray for all of the needs of our family. Our son needs health care insurance benefits he can afford. Pray that his employer will provide also pray that our other son finds the money to pay for the major dental work he needs. Pray too for some of our other problems that are very serious. Ask that God will be glorified in our lives.

• Please pray for Ellen to recover from the wounds of her childhood and be able to trust God with her life. Pray that she realizes Jesus is all she needs. Ask too that her physical and financial needs will be met.

• Pray for Brittney to return to a relationship with Jesus and make Him the central focus of her life. Pray that she will be willing to maintain the rules of the place where she is living.

• Randy asks that we please pray for Dan who recently graduated from BSU and has been hired on as a police officer cadet by the Nampa Police Department. He will start earlier than planned and needs to find a room to rent for a few months while he looks for a more permanent residence of his own. Please ask for God's direction and open doors for Dan.

• Please pray for John R. who is traveling.

• Pray for the Hospitality Team to have all the volunteers it needs. Pray that the Lord will draw the right friendly, loving people to serve in this welcoming ministry.