May 12,2017

“Therefore I will look to the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7.

Sometimes it is so hard to wait for God to act! We know He can do anything and we want Him to respond immediately--especially when we're worried or anxious. But the Bible is clear. God does hear and He does answer—even when it seems like our requests are going nowhere. It's up to us to remember the old adage, "God always keeps His appointments. He is never late." While we wait we have the confidence that God is not only working on our behalf, He is working on us. When we "wait for the God of our salvation,” He teaches us so much about patience and obedience and above all, His faithfulness. So as you pray for our church today remember God is on the move. He is moving according to a perfect schedule--one that has our best interests in mind.


• Please keep praying for Brittney who continues to wander from the Lord, ask that her Christian roommate will be able to speak truth to her heart and help her return to Jesus.

• Pray for Rod’s business and for God to show what door to go through. Pray for Rod to hear God’s voice. Pray for me to stay single-minded and to shine God’s light. Ask God to give us wisdom as to whether or not we should send Matthew to Ambrose or stay at Calvary.

• Pray for healing for Carrie’s left hand and for her mom’s back.

• An anonymous believer asks that we join in prayer to “get through my first Mother’s Day without my mother and get through the first few years since her passing.”

• Jonathan asks for healing of his body and blessings over his relationship with his family and girlfriend.

• Please pray for Diana and her relationship with her son Nicholas. Pray that it improves by the power and love of Jesus. Ask that all her needs will be met. She specifically needs a bed, dresser, microwave and food.

• Pray that I will have a ride and food coupons to shop at Wholefood.