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 “O God, You are my God; early will I seek You.”  Psalm 63:1.

That brief verse tells us exactly what we should do to live a productive, victorious, joyful Christian life:

  • Acknowledge that God is the one with the best plan for your day. Let Him be the boss.

  • Understand His divinity and appreciate that there is great wisdom in spending time with Him---The Lord God Almighty.

  • Before you allow anything else to stand in the way of your appointment with Him, run to your Father God. Look for His instruction, His encouragement, His provision. Seek Him first thing and all else will fall into place.


  • Pray for Michelle who has been struggling with sleep issues.  She will see a sleep specialist soon. Pray for God to intervene and resolve the problem. Also pray for her over-all physical and emotional health. peace and comfort throughout all this.

  • Pray for Melanie’s aunt, a 20-year cancer survivor, who lives out of state. The cancer has returned and moved into her spleen. She had surgery Monday. Pray that the treatments she undergoes will be effective. Ask that the Lord’s will be done in this time and that she and her family will experience peace and comfort. 

  • Please pray for the Brown family who minister in Vancouver. As many of you know Becca was injured in a car accident that caused chronic nerve damage and ongoing debilitating pain.  Recently her speech has become slurred as a result of her condition.  She has a treatment on November 27. Past surgeries have been unsuccessful.  Pray that this procedure will give her relief.

  • Pray that God will help Jerry stand boldly, as led by the Spirit, to overcome pornography and to help others who are struggling.

  • Pray for all those who were baptized last weekend.  Pray for at least one person and maybe others who were too nervous to go forward. Pray that they will lay any fear at the feet of Christ and make a public declaration of faith in Christ.

  • An anonymous person asks us to: "Pray for me to find a home church that brings me into the church family where I am not in the back hiding.  Pray that I would come again to this church."