Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my children’s behavior to improve.  For my daughter to be more self-confident.  For all of them to be more cooperative.  For us all to settle into new routines.  For Tristan to be able to stay at the same school and get a good BI for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Pray for me to get in shape again.

  • Praise God for taking care of my finances.

  • Please pray for salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick, Natalie, Mike, Sara, Derek, Kody, Julia, Matthew, and Kash.

  • Pray for Corona Virus to be contained. 

  • Please pray for my father, Marius.  He’s been diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer.  He is restoring health into my dad.  Also, please pray for Tristan and my relationship.  We want His will, His way, His guidance and direction.   Lastly, please pray for complete restoration for my father and brother’s relationship

  • Pray for the Treasure Valley to be set free from addiction.

  • Please pray for the activity that the church in Oaxaca, Mexico will have on March 21 for all kinds of Medical Services. Pray that many would come and that God would be glorified.