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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a friend who has been in pain due to back issues.

  • Please pray for protection for my son in the Navy who is in Japan. I worry about this virus going around.

  • Pray that I feel better physically. Pray for Cody, that God would lead his way. Pray for Chelsea’s finances.

  • We are praising the Lord that our friend Rey who is going through treatment for multiple myeloma is responding to treatment. Pray for my husband’s health, his blood results are still low. Asking for continued healing.

  • Pray for my son Emerson and me. I have court on the 25thin Wichita for my son, who is in foster care. I have a chance to bring him back with me. I’m just waiting on my background check to come back and be sent to Wichita. Pray the Lord is working in my life.

  • Pray that my cousin would turn himself in.

  • Pray for salvation for my brothers.

  • Please pray for my son James. He lives in Boise and does not know any one. He keeps himself isolated and is struggling with anxiety attacks. He has not gone to church in years. He needs healing for his spirit, soul, and body. Pray for his safety that he could find the right therapist or counselor. That he could find Jesus and know that he is loved my Him, myself his mother and other people. Pray that he would open to let God in his life and people.

  • Pray that God would give me favor with the motion I filed with courts.

  • Please pray for help and relief from my brain injury.