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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my daughter who is coming to town Wednesday through Monday. Pray for no drama and God’s love. Pray for my mom. She is starting to lose her sight in one eye. Pray for total healing. Pray for Rod to be spiritual leader and me to be an encourager. I also pray for God’s presence in our marriage.

  • We are new to Boise. Please pray for financial provision and long-term housing.

  • Please pray for Ann Peddicord, our missionary in Berlin, Germany, who had heart surgery yesterday. They hope this “minor” surgery will help her heart get into a regular, steady sinus rhythm and give her more energy.

  • Pray that God would make me a godly mother and bring His presence to my home. I give my children to Him.

  • I’m requesting your urgent prayer and declaration of scripture for my cousin’s husband Joe to accept and know Jesus Christ and His healing power for strength to overcome the cancer (tumor in pancreas) and survive the treatment as well.

  • Please pray for Kevin who lost the job he has worked for most of his life. He is in his 50s. Pray for God’s direction and provision in his life and family.

  • I’m really struggling with wanting to continue life. My separation weighs on me daily. I’m struggling and my kids struggle. I just ask this favor with great humility.

  • Please pray for salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick and Natalie, Mike, Sara and Derek, Kody, Julia, Matthew and Kash.

  • Pray for my father-in-law, who is still in the ICU recovering from post-influenza pneumonia. By God’s grace he is still alive, and is slowly regaining consciousness and movement in his extremities. Our biggest prayer right now is for healing of his kidneys, which have suffered greatly during this whole process. He is now on dialysis, which doctors suspect could be a long-term thing.