Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for salvation and reconciliation for my family. Pray that my husband’s lab results come back normal.

  • Pray for the “Weekend to Remember”.

  • Pray for my step-dad’s salvation and healing.  He is in a lot of pain with his legs and circulation.  He is not a believer and would not go to Heaven if he died today.

  • Pray for the Brown family.

  • Pray for home for my daughter who has relapsed on meth.  She has nowhere to go.

  • Please pray for my son Emerson in foster care in Wichita.  I’m trying to get him in Boise.  I have a house study on Monday.  Praise the Lord He is moving mountains in my life and pray that my son can come here as soon as possible.

  • Please pray for our Canyon County deputies.  My husband was attacked 2 years ago by an inmate, and this week another deputy was attacked.  Our deputies need all our prayers.

  • Pray for blessings for Tom and Pam.

  • Pray for Nile and Mariko’s upcoming wedding.