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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for your prayers ad praise God for the works He is doing. Things are looking up. I might get my son soon. I’m just waiting on the ICPC paper work. Right now, Emerson is in foster care in Wichita, Kansas. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and he comes home safely.

  • Pray for our country to return to Jesus. Pray for our president. Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

  • Please pray for my son as he is in jail and moving to the prison. Pray for his mind, body, and soul. Pray that God brings his baby back to his life and mine. Pray for restoration in our family.

  • Pray for all my family members to be saved, as well as my friend Timothy.

  • Pray for: Night to Shine volunteers, and volunteers for our hospitality ministry. Linda’s mom went to be with the Lord on 12/21/2019.

  • Pray for Beverly’s healing, she fell on January 5.

  • Please pray that my two children will be given the best path possible when it comes to this second custody battle. Their father continuously tries to get 50% custody. Please pray that God will keep them in the best environment for their spirits and for their well being. Whatever God decides, we will follow. Pray that I may have strength to continue on and know it is in God's hands.