Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Dennis would desire God’s will and grow in faith through his hardships.

  • Please pray for a lady who was recently in a car accident. Her knee was sheared in the accident and she received emergency surgery. Her stitches have split and she is now back in the hospital. Please pray for healing over her body, that God will provide her with the comfort and peace needed to sustain her through her healing. Also for her fiancé to have the ability to care for her in her recovery. We also pray that this would be an opportunity for her faith to grow and that God will reveal who He really is to her and her fiancé.

  • Please pray for our country and world to come together and hold the hand of Jesus.

  • Pray for my family and son, that they all have faith and strength through my incarceration. Please pray for me to be patient through the process, and that my immigration hold gets removed.

  • Please pray that I would be completely redeemed by Jesus. I want His Spirit in me. Pray for healing in my relationships and my family.

  • Pray that communication would be open between me and my son. Pray for my family to remember God and the place they gave Him in their hearts long ago.

  • Please pray that my fiancé and I find out way back to each other and that the world stops being a part if it.

  • Please continue to pray for baby Brayleigh. She is nearly 80 days old! The doctors are working on a plan to get her off oxygen, then her mom and dad can learn how to feed her through the G tube, check her vitals, and how and when to administer her meds. It's basically training for them to be ready to take her home. Once Brayleigh reaches 11 lbs, the doctor would like to do her 2nd heart surgery. He's thinking this should happen in about 4 months from now.

  • Please pray for those who slip into depression after the holidays to find joy in Jesus.

  • I feel as though I am the goat from Matthew 25 who believes he is a Christian but may not be. I feel very lost and worry that I will die believing I am saved only to find out I am not.