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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Both a friend of mine and I are struggling with the addiction to nicotine. Please pray that we both will have the desire and resolve to quit while looking to the Lord for the strength.

  • Please pray for our family and marriage.

  • Pray for traveling mercies for Chelsea, JD, and Jayce. Pray for healing and pain relief for Ron, and pain relief for mom.

  • Pray for my husband for healing for wounds on his legs for the past 10 years. We pray that this last skin graft took to hopefully complete his healing.

  • Pray for Stephanie who’s not feeling well.

  • Pray for Dave B. who lost sight in one eye.

  • Sam, who doesn’t have a relationship with the Lord, was just diagnosed with colon cancer. She reached out to a friend and asked for prayer. Please pray this brings her into a saving relationship with Jesus. She has two young children.