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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for me that I’d be free from the chains of porn at which I have been stuck since middle school. Pray I can be truly free.

  • Pray for Chelsea that the lump will be fine.

  • Pray for Ron’s back surgery this week.

  • Pray for protection for Joyce as she travels this week.

  • My brother Ken has been diagnosed with a stage 2 brain tumor. He will see an oncologist this week. We need prayers for complete healing and recovery.

  • Please help me pray that my dad’s test results will come back that his cancer is early stage/treatable. Help me have faith and trust in God during this time of worry and sadness for me.

  • Please pray for my son as he will be sentenced this week on a domestic violence charge. Also we have a custody hearing for my granddaughter. Pray that we get days with her. Her mother has alienated us from her. Pray for forgiveness and love to our family.

  • Pray for trip to San Francisco this week to visit family.