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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my son and me. He is 3 years old. He is in Wichita, Kansas and in foster care. I’ve been going to court for custody. He has been through a lot.

  • Pray for the chains of sin and shame to be broken for our daughter Mikayla. For God to rescue her from the lies in her head and the scales to fall from her eyes.

  • Pray for our son Bret to remember his Creator and turn back to Christ.

  • Please pray for my neighbor in Iowa. Something bad is going on with her and she requests prayer. Also pray for my co-worker Michael. He was in an accident while on vacation to Thailand. He may need surgery.

  • Pray for a friend to accept Christ.

  • Rod had a great business week. Please continue to pray for Rod for wisdom and God’s will in all choices.

  • Pray for me to walk each day in the Holy Spirit’s power.

  • Pray for friend’s son to get custody of his daughter.