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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a previous student of mine. Her Uncle Chris, who is a younger man, is gravely sick. Her family is not Christians, but asked for prayer because they know I am.

  • Pray for my niece to be delivered from addictions, and for there to be peace in the custody process of who will care for my niece’s daughter, Bailey (1 year old).

  • Pray for my brothers to surrender to Jesus.

  • Pray for volunteers for Words of Freedom.

  • Pray for my Grandmother, Esther, and my mother, Ella.

  • Thank you for praying for my improved health and the relationship between my brother and I. Please pray that I would find a new, good job that’s also better paying. Thank you.

  • Please pray for my brother Nick. Pray for those affected by Ray’s passing.

  • Praise the Lord and the wonderful things He does because He may provide housing for me!