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Daily Prayer Requests

  • God, please provide more stamina/energy for me to do the healing work.

  • Please pray for my 5-year-old daughter who fell off a trampoline and broke both forearms.

  • Please pray for my family and addiction and communication

  • Pray for my son who has been in and out of the hospitals fighting illness over the past several months with a weak immune system and several other complex medical conditions. He just can’t get on top this illness.

  • I thank God for all the miracles he has done for me. I had my eye surgery and I am blessed to see out of both eyes now!

  • Pray for me, that God would deliver me from feelings about committing suicide, I am losing hope and faith daily.

  • Pray for me the worst of sinners to leave the worldly and be in the world but not of it. Pray that I become steadfast in reading the Word and following God’s will.