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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that my mother and I come together and have a mother-daughter relationship. This is what I want. She has temporary custody of my son and I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do to be able to be a good mother. I want to have contact with him. Please, Father, I love You.

  • Please pray I stay yoked to Jesus and keep my eyes on Him.

  • Continue to pray for my health. 

  • Pray for my alcohol and smoking problem.

  • Continued prayers over the situation with Rease. Praise God for lifting the veil that has clouded me the past few years, but I struggle because I am not able to say honestly “through it all it is well.” I want to, but the hurt is still very real and raw.

  • My 16-year-old son died two months ago. Asking for prayers for our family and friends.

  • Please pray over my relationship with the mother of my first niece. May God’s love be glorified. Pray for the baby’s health. Pray for support for my brother who is starting school. Pray over my pregnant sister.

  • Please pray for blessings and gifts in my marriage and financially.

  • Pray for Rod and me. We have given up some things that were necessary. We are praying for strength and the filling of the Holy Spirit’s power instead. Pray that Rod would not be overwhelmed with work, but that God would give him enough each day as he seeks His help.