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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our sister Cindee to reduce her pain from an incurable disease and find doctors to help her.

  • Please pray for my neighbors. Mark is in pain from hip replacement and fractured femur. Donna recently had knee surgery but now needs a knee replacement. Needs salvation. Being an older community, there is often grief as there's another death. A former neighbor passed away this month. November 10 is to be his memorial here at the apartment complex. Pray that God uses it for His glory, to bring people to Jesus.

  • Pray for my son and family for peace.

  • Please pray for Carlos who is fighting cancer. Doctors are not optimistic, but his wife Philo reminds us that nothing is impossible for God. Please pray for healing, for relief from pain, and for God’s will for Carlos’s life.

  • Pray for my son and daughters for salvation.

  • Pray for Marlon and Becca Brown, our missionaries in Vancouver, Canada, we they do the paperwork and research to become Canadian residents. They have come up against some opposition, and are praying for God’s guidance as to which direction to go.

  • Pray for God to remove Roger’s condition, for the Spirit to speak to him, and that his sins are forgiven.

  • Please pray for all of us for grace, mercy and forgiveness. For healing and recovery and restoration. Thank God for all answered prayers. Pray we can be stronger witnesses and God’s will be done.