Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Pam as she visits family in Seattle.

  • I ask for prayer for my daughter. She is a senior and she fell down our stairs this morning and the ER doctor says she most likely tore her ACL. She is an active student and played soccer. This is devastating. Please pray for her to draw near to the Lord. May He comfort her and carry her through this hard thing.

  • Please pray for Financial provision for Greg while he awaits his first paycheck at his new job.

  • Please pray for Steve. He was in a bad accident when he was young and had a head injury. They think he is experiencing the onset of dementia at the age of 57.

  • Please pray for Doug, Debbie and Paul and their freight company.

  • Please keep praying for me and my family. We're supposed to find out no later than October 15 if we finally qualify for the dream house that we put a tentative offer on. We've been going thru a lot as a family. Pray for our salvation and blessing from God. This house means everything to my husband and family, these past three years have tested us in ways we never imagined, this house would be the fresh start we need.

  • Please pray for Karen who is having a hip replacement surgery.

  • Please pray for Delores as she is in the hospital, and that she can be released soon for outpatient care.

  • I’m 23 years old. My grandfather recently passed away. He was my super hero and helped get me out of bad situations, such as a home with my mom when she was on drugs, as well as an abusive foster home. It’s hard losing him, and I’m working on finding a way to work to get to California for his services Saturday, October 19. Please pray for me. I am trying to turn to the Lord. I just need some help.