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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for healing for Troy who recently had a heart attack.

  • Please pray for steadfastness in my faith that God has a heart for my heart, even if it’s not the man I pray for every day. I know I’ve come too far and made too many changes in my life to let fear and anxiety weigh down my soul.

  • Pray for Tony and Ryan.  Pray for me and my job and physical, mental, and financial outlook. Pray for a helpmate, girlfriend, help with loving myself and finding joy and happiness. Pray also for unresolved legal matters. 

  • We have a huge praise report: our kids are hearing God and obeying! Pray for salvation of our extended family in Boise. Pray also for peace as we will see the oncologist and learn about Juli’s lymph nodes.

  • Please pray for my ability to keep living and keep pushing through my hardships.  Please give me hope.  Please give me the motivation to live.

  • Please pray for Mark and Cindi as they deal with Cindi’s cancer and mental issues.

  • Please pray that the lost will seek and find the truth of salvation in Jesus.

  • Please pray for our world and leaders to fall to their knees and seek guidance form The One True God.

  • Please pray for Craig and Rebecca. Craig has brain tumors and has been through 8 rounds of chemo and now is going through sound wave treatment. 

  • Pray for guidance for me. I am a single mom and want raise my daughter to love the Lord. I don’t want to just live day by day, but have a vision for her and for us. Prayers for my spiritual life and that I can find a community to be a part of.