Daily Prayer Requests

  • My son, Nyck, has been under attack from the enemy in various ways lately, but the most recent has been a third job loss. He’s being held under the stronghold of depression that’s causing him to have very little ability to be resilient and persevere through this trial in his life. Please pray for a breakthrough for work, housing, but also, for a regaining of his mental strength as he’s lost the joy he used to have. Also, pray for wisdom for his parents and church family to help guide him the way the Lord wants him to go.

  • Please continue to pray for my brother-in-law Martin for recovery.  He was in a vehicle accident and is currently in rehab.

  • My husband and I are dealing with a very difficult hardship right now.  We need God’s peace, understanding and strength.

  • Praise God for healing my son Josh!  Praise God for supplying provisions to sustain our lives.  Please pray that the lost will desire to know the One True God with their entire heart, mind, and soul, and watch in awe as He reveals Himself.

  • Please pray for Israel that the scales will fall from their eyes and they will know Jesus is the Messiah.  Please pray for our nation and leaders that we will become a nation under God and turn from their sins.

  • Please pray for healing for Juana, Jim, Cindi, and Helen.  Restore their health.

  • Brad was just diagnosed with cancer.  Praying for wisdom of the doctors and complete healing!  We claim victory over this.

  • Please pray for miraculous healing for Jeff, a Christian Catholic who has been dealing with crohn’s disease for 30 years. He has had many surgeries at Mayo Clinic, resulting in only 6” of intestine remaining. He is now not retaining fluids or nutrients. He’s a wonderful father, husband, and contractor.  He needs miraculous healing.

  • After divorce a year ago, trying to heal that relationship, it’s still not working.  Prayer for healing for my children and my heart and mind.

  • Pray for our marriage.  Pray for my step-mom to heal her eye from reattached retina.  Also pray for my dad and his ear issue.  Let his hearing restore and heal.

  • God, help me to be the wife You want me to be biblically.  Please pray that I would wholly focus on the Lord, not my husband who does not love me like Christ loves the church.