Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray I am moving back to my hometown where I need to be strong in the Lord to resist all evil that has gotten me in trouble with addiction. Please pray for me and my family who is my support.

  • I was offered a job as a school counselor! Praising God for the opportunity and thanking you all for your prayers. God is good! May He equip me to be a blessing to these young kids.

  • Healing for my wife Errica suffering from Hashimoto’s disease. Pray that I would serve her with a gracious spirit during this rough time.

  • Pray for a successful surgery on Tuesday morning.

  • Please pray that I will be safe and for guidance. I am living in a bad situation and will be leaving the state for good to stay away from the abuse.

  • Pray for our son Dustin that he has love for God and His ways. Pray that he finds God once again and raises his kids biblically.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom for Rod’s business.

  • I need prayer to find my place outside of church. To feel His presence every day of the week, not just Sunday mornings.

  • Pray for Barb and her family. Mental illness is causing destruction in the family. Pray that Barb and Tony find peace as they wait on God.

  • Praise Jesus our Great Provider! Please pray for Cindi, Jim and Juana’s health to be restored.

  • Please pray for the lost to find salvation in Jesus. Please pray for our leaders all over the world to seek guidance from our Lord.

  • Pray for Dan who had a leg amputation.

  • Pray for Martha for cancer and relationship with the Lord.

  • Pray for Tom to get plugged into Jesus.

  • Pray for unity among believers.

  • Pray for God’s will in Bob’s life.

  • Please pray for me on Monday, I am having surgery to remove skin cancer from my lip.

  • Please pray for Shaylz and me that we can progress through diversity spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. Also pray that I can know what the Heavenly Father asks of me so I can follow His will.