Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Anabelle who is having an MRI for a tumor.

  • Pray for Jimmy who fell and hurt his shoulder.

  • Pray for Kyle and Rebecca who just got engaged!

  • Please pray for Nichole that God will free her of all her anger and hate and fill her with His love and life.

  • Please pray for my significant other and that she opens her heart in the search for Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for my family and the homeless shelter.

  • I’m unfulfilled at my job.  Been to 5 school counseling interviews, 1 more to go. I would love prayer for guidance in career and peace regardless of where God leads me.

  • Please pray for our daughter Amber, Meredith, and Erin who do not know Jesus and each are struggling with so much turmoil, finances, and purpose in their lives. Pray for God to place the right people in their path.

  • Pray for Katie to return to the Lord.

  • As a family we are going through a period of financial difficulty. My company is doing well, but some of their recent decisions with commissions have affected our income quite a lot. Please pray that God will encourage Brooke and me and that we can grow in our trust and with God as our Provider.

  • Please continue to pray for Alayna the 14-year-old for protection, comfort and, deliverance. She lives in a drug home and has learning disabilities.