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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that my brother would surrender to Jesus.

  • Please pray that Jim’s leukemia does not relapse.  The doctors feel that they can achieve remission for 10-12 months and after that they will treat the symptoms rather than the leukemia, with survival expected to be approx. two additional months. Pray that the Lord gives Jim additional years on earth before calling him home - if that should be His will.

  • Pray that God would send volunteers for Words of Freedom.

  • Please pray for Anthony, who is afflicted with bedbugs after his recent travels, and in a lot of pain.

  • Please pray for an end to infanticide.

  • Pray for my family’s spiritual life.

  • Please keep Gabi, the owner of the coffee shop we frequent, in prayer. Our prayer is that he would eventually make it to a service and that the Lord would move in his life in a big way. Pray for my husband and my physical health.