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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Our jobs need the Holy Spirit to break down stress between bosses and employees.

  • Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  • Please pray for my family. Due to poor financial planning and poor use of God’s blessings and resources, we are suffering financially with a rolling theme of $500-$600 short for bills, groceries, etc. Pray for wisdom in how to dig us out of this, and good stewardship moving forward.

  • Cami asks for prayer that she would walk according to God's will, forgiveness, and that her basic needs would be met.

  • Pray for Leah and her family. Pray for God's provision while her husband is sick and unable to work. Pray for God to show Himself to them.

  • Please prayer for Cheri's life-threatening asthma, allergies and overall health, which have been made worse by poor air conditioning in her apartment that is bringing in cigarette smoke and pollens. The hotter weather is exacerbating the situation, and she feels sick and unable to get around. Her doctor agrees she needs to get into a cleaner air environment, but to date she has not been able to get management's attention. She is hoping for a better air conditioning unit or a transfer to another location, but still has six months on her lease.

  • I can’t give up. Please pray again for me to receive miracle healing now, emphysema.