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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that Jay comes back to the Lord. Pray that the Lord would put a stop to the unbelievers and that he will bring great Christian men in his life to encourage his walk, keep him accountable.

  • My wife and I have three medical appointments in London on June 18, 20,and 25. Please pray that these will be successful both in terms of moving ahead with the support we need for our processing difficulties, and safe/successful journeys to and from the appointments. Also, please pray for the root cause of her silent reflux and all the foods causing my wife allergic reactions to be identified.

  • Please pray for my son Hanner who is in his 24th day of being clean from drugs and alcohol and pornography. Pray that he would continue to fight this battle surrounded by Christians and willing to accept the truth. Thy will be done

  • Our 6 month old needs prayer from our church family. He’s in the hospital with a serious illness and there are other things that we don't know what they are. The illness he has is extremely rare. We may be in the hospital between 1-8 weeks. He’s undergoing tests for so much. We are terrified. We need prayer for him and us.

  • Pray for Kelly as he transitions out of prison and back into society. Pray for him to know the love of God through Christ.

  • Please pray for Brenda Greenman. She is currently in the hospital. This weekend she went to the hospital and was immediately admitted and had surgery for a hole between her esophagus and her stomach. She is currently in a medically induced coma as they also found a growth on her liver and are awaiting results. Please pray for a full recovery.