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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for all of us to stay walking in the Spirit, sowing to the Spirit, not the flesh.

  • Please pray for my sister and my niece. They are living together to save money and so that my sister can be a help when the babies come. However, they fight with each other. They just had another fight and my sister is cutting herself off from the family and not talking to anyone. This is a pattern but they really need to be supportive of each other with the twin babies coming soon and all of those complications. Please pray my sister will hear from God and there will be lasting solutions and healing or however the Lord leads.

  • Please pray for my health. I’m having digestive issues for a while and it has affected my overall health including head and vision.

  • I ask for deliverance prayer and definitive breakthrough. I'm 34 years old and for 10 my life has been stuck in everything. In health with a disease that no doctor has managed to cure me and that cause me so much suffering, with an economic independence that I can't reach because I never find a good job or I lose it immediately and an engagement that has lasted for many years but for one reason or another, it never becomes a marriage. I want to get out of this tomb. My life is imprisoned. Please help me.

  • Pray for me, I’m going through a divorce.

  • I would like prayer to help me not rely on a guy to fulfill any emptiness that the Lord can fill. Please pray for me to get closer to the Lord. I need strength.

  • Pray for my husband as he desires purpose for his life. He is living in fear of failure and it rules his actions and emotions in such a negative way. He knows that God exists but hasn’t taken the true step of knowing Him and trusting His perfect will. Please pray that he will have a breakthrough while he is contemplating and seeking direction for his life. “Seek and you shall find.”

  • Pray for the Esparza family, and Freddy who is battling with drugs.

  • Please pray for me. I’m going through intense stress at work, and struggling with loneliness.

  • Please pray for safety as I travel to and from Washington August 4-14.