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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Alexis, who attempted suicide on Sunday night. She needs prayer for healing for deep emotional wounds, and protection from the enemy's lies and attack.  We stand against the enemy with all the authority of Jesus Christ. We ask that Chrissy and Alexis bend the knee and surrender their whole lives to Jesus; we place our trust fully in the King of Kings on their behalf.

  • Please continue to pray for Colin, the 16 year old who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. They received test results that show he still has leukemia in his bone marrow. He is not considered to be in remission but has no sign of leukemia in his blood, just in his bone marrow. Doctors are encouraged by his progress, because his counts were so high when he was first diagnosed. They have reason to believe his next test results in 8 weeks will be even better. Colin will be admitted to the hospital Monday, June 10 in preparation for the next chemo drug. This week he will get his meds daily in the clinic. The next month or 2 will be very difficult. Please pray for his mom, who was hoping for remission at this most recent test. She is feeling very weak and tired. Colin is doing well and feeling optimistic.

  • Please pray for my family to not lose our house and secure better paying jobs to ensure somewhere for us to live and to obtain financial security.

  • Pray for rescue mission ministries. Also for revival at our jobs.

  • Pray for our president, our nation, and our influence on the unsaved.

  • Please pray for our family vacation this week, that there will not be drama, that everyone will feel God’s love, and know they are accepted. Pray for me for healing for my knee, and for Rod for healing in his shoulders.