Daily Prayer Requests

  • Theresa asks that we pray for her to have patience, to wait on God’s timing, not hers.

  • Please pray for Cody.

  • Pray for my hubby's work comp case and continued care. We are starting to negotiate a settlement for his non-medical loss. Praying that Jesus would have favor on the amount we need to dig out of the debt that we've incurred and that we may purchase a home again.

  • Please pray for relief and healing from my stomach issues.

  • By brother Bill was riding his bicycle in Virginia and was involved in a traffic accident and has a broken left leg and three broken ribs. Please pray for healing and no pain. Also pray for our elderly parents 88 & 90 for peace and trust in God. My mom is a worrier.

  • My Aunt Ellen wanted me to ask as many people as I could to pray for her son bobs wife Cathy who has cancer and was just put on hospice today. I think she is close to my age. She's a believer but the family is struggling.

  • Pray for Diana that a place will open up for her to live. She has to be out of her current place by April 25, but has not yet found another place to go after that and does not want to go back to homelessness. Pray also for peace and comfort during this waiting time.

  • Pray for salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick and Natalie Simpson, Mike, Sara and Derek Priest, Kody, Julie and Matthew Wiggins.