Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a job interview Brandy has with Albertsons Wednesday at 1 pm. It would be for a full time job working the graveyard shift (11pm-9am). She is hopeful that this job will work out, but wants the Lord to lead this opportunity.

  • Tricia Cunningham is having a brain tumor removed this Friday. It is benign, but grow. Please pray for a successful surgery!

  • Please pray for Kevin, who is going in for emergency surgery to repair some damage that was done in a previous surgery. He will require several weeks of immobility and monitoring. As a result, his wife and daughter both postponed surgeries they had scheduled. Additionally, their car was totaled in an accident on the way home from a doctor visit. Please pray for financial provision and physical healing for this family, and that they wouldn’t become discouraged.

  • Please pray for Brad that his arm feels better.

  • Please pray that God will show me how to follow his path for me. Ask Him to keep my eyes alert and my heart soft to how best to serve His will. I hear Him calling me to aid in bringing a place to Boise where all kids can come to praise and worship Him and to learn how best to serve Him for all their lives.

  • Please pray that my brother Jeff’s health results are good.

  • Please pray for mine and husband’s medication to be changed, as it’s causing a lot of weight gain. Also for my daughter to believe and know that God is greater than any “trigger” that causes her to react out.

    Please pray for my neighbor Cody salvation.

  • Please pray for Clark and Ann Peddicord, our long-term missionaries from Germany.