Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my friend Jamie to become free from opiates. Pray also for my friend Samantha to find the Lord.

  • I have just been given a diagnosis of breast cancer. I am facing a double mastectomy. Please pray for wisdom in making a decision about which surgeon to choose for the procedure, peace, being able to feel God's presence, and a successful surgery and healing process.

  • I saw my doctor last week and some of the test results were abnormal. My white blood cell count is very high and my liver enzymes are as well. I have to wait for the other test results to come in. I am praying for peace in my mind and heart, and for the Lord to heal me and to strengthen me for whatever lies ahead.

  • Please pray for salvation for my friend Diane.

  • Please continue to pray for the Abernathy family. Their daughter Addie passed away last May, and her birthday was last Sunday.

  • Pray for Raymond my grandson to get into fellowship. Pray for my daughter Annette to come back to Jesus.

  • Please pray for Margaret. She is under spiritual attack and is continually depressed. She feels very trapped in a destructive home life and now some changes happening at work make her feel abandoned by God. 

  • Pray for Joseph and Wina to find a place to live and to grow closer to God and each other.