Daily Prayer Requests

  • Anna Rose needs to move out of her place in Meridian soon and she is asking God to help her find a place in Boise so that she can attend Calvary again. Please pray for God’s guidance.

  • Please pray for my friend Chris, who is a very devout Jehovah's Witness. We have a very respectful friendship and through discussion found out he does not believe Jesus is God. I fear he has a very hard heart. I'm asking God for a miracle, to pierce the darkness and lead him into all Truth. I’m asking the Holy Spirit to convict him and gently wake him up to what the Bible is saying. Please pray for Chris' salvation, and bind the enemy in his tracks. Please remove the spirit of deception, fear, and pride. Pray that nothing gets in the way of God's plan for his life. I feel very strongly that Jesus is calling him out and I stand in faith knowing He will. I ask that the Lord give me wisdom and discernment when speaking to him.

  • Pray for my husband’s case to be expedited. I want him home.

  • Pray that my brother would surrender to Jesus.

  • Please pray that Sam will find it in his heart to forgive me and will return into my life. I was so foolish and made a huge mistake making an insensitive and hurtful comment and it cost me my friendship with him. I have been so regretful and sorry about this. He is too hurt and doesn't want to speak to me. The Lord knows how sorry I am. I just wish Sam knows this as well.

  • Please pray for my mom Bobbie (widow) that she surrenders all to Christ, and that she gets plugged into a women's group at Calvary.

  • Please pray for my son Donivan, he has started using drugs and alcohol and cutting himself, he is only 15. My daughter Jozlyn, she is 13, has been cutting as well.

  • I passed up reward money from a company and am now trying to collect because of some needs that have come up for my family. Please pray that I receive good news regarding this situation between me and this company.

  • Please pray that my mom would find a place to live.