Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Rusty’s aunt Linda who is in ICU with cancer and needs prayer to come out of it.

  • Please pray for Stacey who is in California with Meningitis.

  • Please pray for Jay and Lima, that knowing Jesus and walking forward with Him will be the foundation of their lives and their relationship together. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be present and working in both of them. Pray that God would give them direction and unity as they seek to do ministry together. That God will help them both to successfully overcome the great difficulties they are facing, and that He will protect and build their peace and their love they have had for each other for all these decades.

  • Please pray for the Uptmor family, their sister-in-law’s dad passed away.

  • Please pray for help with a deeper spiritual relationship with God. I pray for His knowledge, wisdom and will. I also need guidance to see God’s will in contacting or trying to reconcile relationship with my ex-wife Vicki. 

  • Pray for our daughter’s car situation. Continue to pray for Brad’s and my health.

  • Pray that God will draw all the members of our large family (kids, parents, siblings, extended family) to desire to know Jesus. Pray that they will come to a saving knowledge of Him, and that He will empower them to make big and permanent changes in their lives to please God and live the life He made them for. Pray that God will protect, give health to and greatly encourage them all.

  • Please lift up the Schriber family in prayer. They have some legal issues weighing on them over a party their kids threw while the parents where on vacation.

  • Pray for me and Belo that God will also greatly help us in every area of our lives. That God will help us to maintain peace and patience, and that God will help us to be able to agree with each other and help each other to go forward in the direction God is leading us into even when things don’t make sense. Pray Belo will not always try to control things and manipulate out of impatience, but to let go and trust God, and relax.

  • Please pray my mom would find a place to live.