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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Charlene’s health.

  • Please pray for Mary Ann who has rededicated her life to Jesus but is struggling with addiction. Pray that she’d be set free and would make a connection with Words of Freedom ministry and also get into solid recovery program. 

  • Please pray for Jonah, a little boy who was born with BPES, a genetic disorder that makes it so he can’t open his eyes. His parents, Aaron and Tiffany, sold their home and moved to be able to pay for surgery to repair his eyelids. The first attempt in New York failed. They have an appointment this week with a surgeon in Salt Lake to see if they feel comfortable with him making the second attempt at corrective surgery. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for them, as well as financial provision, and for Jonah to be healed.

  • My name is Anna. I fell Monday while ice skating and tweaked my right knee. I also fell on my left knee a couple times after that. I don't think it's as bad as my over active imagination is making it seem, it's just frightening. I really don't want to tear up my body, especially my knees. But I have been praying that if God desires for me to suffer in order to be a light to those around me, that He would have His way. So I would very much appreciate prayers for protection and healing, as well as an ability to suffer well and in a manner glorifying to Christ—both in the big ways and the little.

  • Pray for elderly shut-ins.

  • Please continue to pray for Greg Edwards. He had surgery again on Monday. Pray for strength to fight through the infection in his body. Pray for the family that has been by his side in ICU for the past few weeks. Update: We were unexpectedly transferred to another hospital Monday night. More of an aggressive rehab based hospital in Boise. He is still in ICU, but has made some great improvements. He is following commands as much as he can, and is able to lift his hands about 8" higher than his stomach. He got the feeding tube surgically inserted through his stomach and took out the NG tube. He will have the tracheal tube in his throat for a while, but hopefully they will take it out within the next couple of weeks. They are keeping an eye on his brain to make sure he doesn't have any more brain seizures. Still a long way to go, but definitely heading in the right direction.