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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that my teenage daughter will choose purity and will come to understand that today’s culture is far from God’s moral standard. Help her make choices that are different than the majority. Please pray that she will follow her mother’s example of seeking Christ rather than dad’s example of self-love and atheism.

  • Pray for a special needs family that is being affected by the government shutdown.

  • Please pray God would convict my husband in such a way that is impossible to deny, just as Jesus did with Saul. I pray God would do whatever it takes to reach my husband.

  • Please pray that God would convict my son of his sinful lifestyle. Pray that the seeds planted from his years of growing up with the Gospel would grow, and that he would repent. I pray he would follow the example set forth in the Bible rather than that of his father. Pray for his friend who also grew up in the church but has wandered. Pray that they would come to Jesus and find hope, direction, meaning, healing, and joy. Pray that they will repent and turn from the draw of our sinful culture.

  • Pray for Rod’s business sample to turn to orders.

  • Please continue to pray for 14-year-old Alayna.

  • Please pray for my doctor and my back. I go in for shots in my back Tuesday.