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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I have been having a lot of issues being short of breath lately and have been through a series of test. I have to go in for another blood test tomorrow morning and they are probably going to admit me.

  • Please pray that I can get rid of a skin condition. It has been ongoing and severely debilitating.

  • Please pray that my 19-year-old son will leave his lifestyle of smoking pot and will get a job or enroll in college (or both). Please pray God helps him find a direction for his life and future career, using his natural talents. Please pray for a Christian spouse for his future. Please pray for his mental health and salvation. Please pray God will bring godly men and Christian friendships into his life. Please pray that he will seek the truth in all aspects of life and not be swayed by the culture around us. Please pray for no unplanned pregnancies or abortions in his life and that he would feel convicted to restore purity until marriage.

  • Pray for Melanie to heal from surgery. Pray God gives us direction and heals our hearts.

  • Pray for peace of Jerusalem.

  • Please pray for the lost to hear the Holy Spirit drawing them to the truth of salvation found only in Jesus! Specifically Alvin, Brenda, Alex, Ruth, Ben and Ann.

  • We need prayer for a few urgent items. First, my husband has been having health issues, he's been in and out of the hospital, running lots of tests. Today was a stress test on his heart. The reading was so high that they could not complete after only three minutes. Now we wait to hear from the cardiologist. My sweet hubby is so stressed and just wants to be healthy. Also, my cousin passed at Christmas and I haven't spoken to him or his family in 30 years. Something happened years ago that caused a gigantic division within our families. I've been praying for healing, forgiveness, restoration, and peace between all of us. The funeral service is this Saturday. Today, I stepped out in faith to send a condolence card to the wife of my cousin (who passed) to let her know that we are praying for her and her children. Please join me in praying for this family who lost their loved one, as well as prayer for the reconciliation of our family. We need so much peace and comfort right now.

  • Pray that my dad would accept Jesus and God would do an amazing work in him. 

  • Pray the Lord would guide my husband as the leader of our home. help my husband’s parenting to reflect Jesus Christ to our children. May his leadership skills be empowered by the mind of Jesus Christ. Pray the Lord would lead my husband’s hand and heart in our relationship, his work, our home, community, and church. Also please pray a guard over his heart, mouth and mind, Jesus. Also to protect him from temptation and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lastly pray for him to have encouraging and godly friendships. Break any soul ties or relationships that are not from the Lord.