Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for me to forgive myself for all the things that haunt me from my past, please pray for me to feel peace and love and to not give up home in myself of the Lord. 

  • I just moved here and the apartment I was supposed to move into was given to someone else. This is my first experience being homeless. Please pray for better health, better finances, and a home.

  • Pray for peace, health and happiness to spread throughout each and every person on this planet for joy and love passed onto all us brothers and sisters as that is what we all really are as God’s children. That we would be kind and care to one another, always ready to offer a helping hand whenever, wherever possible. 

  • Please pray that I could accomplish some goals, everything seems so hard right now.

  • Please pray for my son Paul’s health.

  • Please pray for my son Michael to feel joy and receive help financially for his young family at this hard time.