Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Jorge who is at the hospital with a urinary tract infection and possible kidney stones. May the good Lord heal him and let this season of sickness pass.


  • Please pray for Diane, who is troubled by deep spiritual turmoil going back years. She is a mother of two (who are currently in the care of their grandmother). She has been abusing alcohol for years and just yesterday attempted suicide with sleeping pills. Diane is in a place of despair and darkness where the light now can shine. She is "anti" biblical truth, so please pray that she may know the truth of the Cross of Christ and the healing and redeeming power of the blood.

  • Pray for Miriam, for help with cravings and her anxiety and getting closer to God.

  • Please pray for additional financial support for our missionaries, many of whom are experiencing lighter than normal support levels.

  • Please pray for the Harford family's salvation.