Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for God to soften my husband’s heart and that he will make peace with my daughter.

  • Please pray for me and my girlfriend. We recently found out that she is pregnant. This is not planned. I am 25 and she is 19. We haven't been dating long (about 6 months) and this is presenting many difficulties for us and both of our families. We need God's guidance and help now more than ever. She comes from an LDS family and I am recently coming back to the Christian faith after wandering aimlessly for several years. Right when I thought things were getting back on track in my life, we were struck by this news. Help me do the right thing, whatever that may be.

  • Please pray for Andrew. He recently had surgery and as a result has a massive infection which will require another surgery. Please pray that his health would be restored.

  • Please pray for my brother in-law-Dave, he has cancer and not too much longer here on Earth. Pray that we would get to see him in time and that he will accept Jesus before he passes.

  • My neighbor Kristy has a tumor in her brain. Please pray for her healing. Also pray for me as I befriend her and invite her to Church.

  • Lord have mercy on my son Rocky as he is mentally ill and homeless. Please provide the housing he needs and place him in the hands of those who will work tirelessly for his needs. Embrace Rocky in Your loving arms of protection. Please keep him safe from all harm.