Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Alayna the 14 year old with a learning disability whose mother is now hooked with a very violent, not long out of prison, boyfriend.  Her mother lies well to S.W. in Spokane Washington and manipulates Alayna with fear, withdrawal of love, and locking her in rooms.

  • Please pray for our leaders all over the world to be found by Christ.

  • Please pray for the church to be bold for Jesus in this world getting the word of truth out!

  • Please pray for soft hearts to receive God’s truth.

  • I’ve been praying fervently for my 16-year-old boy who has neurological and gastrointestinal problems. The doctor says they can’t do anything. He is not verbal, not completely potty trained, has allergies, and is confused. Please pray with me for a miracle healing.

  • Please continue to pray for Larry and Heather. Larry has been battling cancer for the last few months and they are on the east coast waiting on an appointment this afternoon to learn whether Larry will have a pneumonectomy on Tuesday, 10/23. It’s a pretty serious surgery and prayers are greatly appreciated!

  • Anna called in asking for prayer for a vehicle. She is hoping that someone might have one that they want to donate.

  • Pray for a woman who has stage 4 cancer – that the Lord would care for her according to His will.